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Antifreeze coolant should typically be mixed with water at the ratio of one part antifreeze to one part water. This gives antifreeze protection down to minus 34 degrees and overheating / boil over protection up to 265 degrees.

However... mixing different antifreezes together can take years off their life!

By adding BLUE antifreeze to a cooling system filled with RED reduces the RED'S effective lifespan from five years down to just one. It also reduces the REDS inhibitor packages and could easily lead to overheating problems with your vehicle.

Modern engines built after the year 2000 are produced with much finer tolerances than pre 2000 models and such require a much higher performance coolant.

RED antifreeze not only stops freezing but is formulated to keep modern engines clear of sludge, scale and gelling.

Even a small amount of scaling in a modern engine can reduce coolant efficiency by up to 40%

So remember from 2000 onwards ALWAYS USE RED.
Mixing BLUE and RED = Trouble ahead

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